DES MOINES, Iowa — He’s a leader, an inspiration, he’s Purdy-licious.

“It’s delicious, so it’s gotta be Purdy-licious,” said Josh Holderness, owner of Gusto Pizza Bar in Des Moines.

Brock Purdy’s sudden late-season success has Iowa State fans beaming with pride and Gusto Pizza Bar along Ingersoll Avenue naming a pizza after the ISU great. “It’s been awesome to watch. Just a great story going from Mr. Irrelevant to probably one of the most relevant players in the playoffs right now,” Holderness said.

The owner says the ingredients are fitting. “We’ve got the fire-roasted chicken. He’s fiery, he’s sassy, he’s a little bit spicy, and just a fun combination of things,” said Holderness.

Mozzarella, blue cheese, red onion and to keep the name puns going, “Brock-oli slaw.” Holderness said, “It’s kind of a traditional slaw but in this case made with broccoli.”

But like Purdy’s addition to the now NFC West champs Holderness says it is the sauce that helps put this pizza over the top. “It’s a great combination of barbecue and buffalo sauce. It’s tangy and has a nice zip. It’s delicious.”

Purdy remains the winningest QB in Cyclone history and the only thing hotter than his 6-0 record as a San Francisco 49er starter may be the wood fire oven. The real test is the flavor and many who have tried it feel as if it tastes like another victory. “They come in and try the Purdy-licious and people have loved it. It’s kind of neat to see people try something different.”

The new pizza may be receiving a chef’s kiss from customers but its namesake hopes to be on his way toward kissing the immortal Vince Lombardi trophy with a Super Bowl victory. Holderness said, “A guy who most of the country hadn’t heard of just a few weeks ago and so to be playing like he’s playing right now it gives all of us not only in Iowa but across the country kind of an underdog story to cheer for.”

Fans of Purdy and the pizza will have to keep cheering. Holderness says it will stay on the menu as long as Brock Purdy’s remarkable winning ways continue during the playoffs.