WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Kittens, puppies and comedians were available to attendees of a fundraising event to raise money for Animal Lifeline of Iowa.

The event, called ‘Comedians to the Rescue,’ featured three local comedians: John Bush, Willie Farrell and Jonathan May. The event at Events Center West in West Des Moines was sold out on Saturday for the inaugural fundraiser.

Animal Lifeline of Iowa does several events throughout the year, including owning and operating a thrift store, with all the proceeds going towards funding the organization’s special needs no kill shelter.

“We’ve had a lot of needs this year a lot of puppies, a lot of kittens, a lot of sick animals,” said Martha Wittkowski, the Executive Director of Animal Lifeline of Iowa. “And we only work with special needs animals so injured, handicapped, serious medical conditions, pregnant, nursing moms and orphan babies that need to be bottle fed. So, get them to a point where they’re healthy enough to be adopted and we find them their forever home.”

Wittkowski said that the show was sold out, which she said was encouraging for the organization’s ability to put on the same show next year.