DES MOINES, Iowa — The new year is starting with the same need for LifeServe Blood Center — more donations.

LifeServe normally has a three to five-day supply of all blood types on its shelves. Because of the short shelf life of blood products, it is always in need of replenishing the supply.

Officials say the holidays and the weather have impacted donations.

“It’s been a challenging time of year. With the holidays, people are busy and not always thinking about blood donation. We’ve been closed a little bit with the holidays but the weather has also been a huge impact for us. Ice and snow, people don’t necessarily want to come in and donate but we always need those donations coming in. We’ve also canceled mobile blood drives across our tristate area and some of them could be 40-50 donations that we were counting on where we need to find that elsewhere,” said Danielle West, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at LifeServe Blood Center.

If you would like to make an appointment to donate, you can do it at