ALTOONA, Iowa – Adventureland is adding a frightful new event this fall. The amusement park announced plans Monday for its Phantom Fall Fest.

The Halloween event will be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 30 to October 30. It will feature seven new haunted attractions designed to thrill and chill the blood – including four haunted houses and three scare zones.

Adventureland’s General Manager Bill Lentz said, “Phantom Fall Fest will be the perfect balance between new, fun experiences for families and Halloween frights at night for thrill-seekers, bringing a never-before-seen atmosphere to Adventureland.”

The park says select rides will be open during the daytime, including the nine new family attractions that were added to Adventureland in 2022.

Children and family-friendly rides will start shutting down at 6:00 p.m. The park says the nighttime scares are designed for guests at least 13 years old.

Prices for single-day tickets, and when those tickets will go on sale, will not be released until later this summer. Adventureland does say that unlimited admission to the Phantom Fall Fest is included in all Platinum, Gold, and Silver season passes.

Check out Adventureland’s descriptions for its bone-chilling new additions below.

Haunted Houses are new attractions built exclusively for Phantom Fall Fest:

  • mAlice in Wonderland: Eat Me or Drink Me? The choice sends you down one of two terrifying rabbit holes inhabited by the evil residents of Wonderland – who’ll be all too happy to escort you to the mad Red Queen herself;
  • The Corn Stalkers: A chemical spill has turned an Iowa corn field into a hazmat disaster and you’re on the cleanup crew. But what should be just another day on the job has even the toughest first responders running for the hills. It’s almost like the corn is…alive;
  • CarnEVIL: Step right up! Filthy, evil carnies have taken over the carnival and turned it into their own funhouse of terrors; and
  • Spirits of the Swamp: A roadside attraction of a bayou ghost town lures you in – but will it ever let you leave? Escape the Biblical plagues unleashed by tortured spirits before you get pulled into the swamp forever.

Scare Zones are open-air themed walkthrough locations populated by The Phantom’s Scream Team to bring the BOO! to bystanders, who can come and go as they dare:

  • MasqueRAGE: The Phantom’s World: The Phantom was known in his day for lavish Victorian Masquerade balls, and they somehow continue now, long after his supposed demise. He’s thrown a Halloween spell across the entire park, unleashing the spirits of the dearly departed – and the decidedly undead – to walk the earth once more;
  • Death Metal Vampires: Even the undead have to keep up with the times. A deathly DJ spins metal tracks at her club, populated by biker vampires in leather and chains. Watch out, or they’ll run you right over on one of their Hell Riders; and
  • Arachnophobia: What’s more terrifying than a path overtaken by giant spiders and their monstrous webs? These otherworldly arachnids don’t even listen to the Phantom. You’re on your own.