DES MOINES, Iowa — In Iowa it isn’t uncommon for rescue teams to be called out for a rescue. But for many dive team members, it’s a volunteer service. Sometimes the more difficult the rescue conditions more advanced divers are needed.

“There’s a heavy current at anytime, recently we’ve had a lot of heavy rains makes the currents much stronger much faster,” said Mary White of Grimes, who is a professional diver, “There really needs to be very experienced, very well trained, and certified public safety dive personnel to make a dive like that and sometimes we just can’t.”

White is a member of the volunteer Iowa Dive Search and Rescue Underwater Search and Rescue Recovery Teams. The training needed is more than simply open water recreational dives.

“A lot of people take that and they go and recreational dive on pretty vacations to Florida or to the Bahamas or Hawaii and that would be great but unfortunately those aren’t usually the waters that people get in trouble in,” said White, “Bad things can happen on your local lakes, rivers, streams, and fishing ponds, that’s where people end up getting into trouble a lot of the time.”

In order to try to get more volunteers there will be advanced diver training July 8-10 at Terra Park in Johnston. Divers need to be already open-water certified divers.  The course will involve hands on work, and include crime scene, evidence, and search patterns.  

“Honestly, in my perfect world, would be at any given time, forty entire team members, and incident command staff to be able to assist the divers,” said White.

To sign up or if you have questions please contact:

Louis McNeill 954-393-5588

Mary White 515-829-8593

Rob Stecher 317-557-2462