POLK COUNTY, Iowa — Prairie Flower and Cherry Glen campgrounds at Saylorville Lake will be closing next Monday for an entire year.

The campgrounds are in need of new infrastructure. This is the first time they are undergoing major projects since the parks opened.

Dayne Magneson, the Saylorville Lake Manager, said that the campgrounds need new water and sewer lines and that in past years they have had issues with line failures at the campgrounds.

Magneson also said that while the two most popular campgrounds at Saylorville will be closed, the remaining two will have their seasons extended.

“Bob Shetler and Acorn Valley will still remain open next year we have lengthened those seasons a little bit so they will open a little earlier in April and run through October,” Magneson said.

Magneson thinks that with Prairie Flower and Cherry Glen closing for a year, other state parks will see a rise in campers.

“There’s a lot of other opportunities around the Des Moines area,” Magneson said, “Jester Park and some other state parks in the area that will probably see some increased use with our closures but it’s a good chance for people to maybe explore some other parks.”

Construction on Prairie Flower and Cherry Glen campgrounds is expected to finish in the Fall of 2023.