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DES MOINES, Iowa — More than 70 soldiers from the Iowa National Guard received a welcome home ceremony on Tuesday after being away for approximately a year.

Soldiers from the Troop C, 1st Squadron “Redhorse,” 113th Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Battalion “Lethal” 168th Infantry Regiment reunited with family and friends at the Des Moines International Airport.

Iowa Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg was also in attendance. Troops received a short welcome home ceremony before reuniting with their families. Family members greeted soldiers with hugs and signs.

“At first, it didn’t hit me until they said we’re about to descend, and I look outside and I saw nothing but green, and I realized we’re back in Iowa. It was a very different feeling. [It’s a] really amazing feeling,” said Spc. Ashley Lucio.

On Wednesday, the Iowa National Guard will welcome soldiers home in Sioux City. On Friday, the guard will welcome home troops in Cedar Rapids.