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DES MOINES, Iowa — Beauty and self-care products are common gift items around the holidays and an Iowa mom wants to warn others about a particular face mask that she says burned her stepdaughter’s face.

The mask is made by the company Yes To and it’s called the Vitamin C Glow-boosting Unicorn Paper Mask.

The product is sold at several stores including Target and Ulta.

Chelsea Anders said after her stepdaughter had the mask on for about two minutes, she said it felt like it was burning and told her to take it off right away.

“Her face was welted with red, swollen, itchy raised abrasions and I had first thought chemical reaction. It’s what a lot of people had assumed when using this product was that it was just an allergic reaction. Then doing the research after I had seen what had happened, it looks like a chemical burn,” Anders said.

One hundred reviews from other customers on the Ulta website say the exact same thing, and even a YouTube video review of the product showed the reaction in real-time.

The product website suggests users be at least 18 years old to  use it, but the packaging doesn’t have that printed on it.

Reviews of the product say the effects are happening to all ages.

Anders said the way the product is marketed is concerning.

“The reviews about children, the same reaction is happening in adults, so suggested ages really isn’t a point. I understand the difference in the skincare, but your target marketing is definitely children, and if you are suggesting 18 and older, why are targeting unicorns at 18 and older?” Anders said.

Iowa Dermatology Clinic Nurse Practitioner Christina Warren said she examined the ingredients in this product.

“There was lactic acid in it, there’s fragrance in it, there’s vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that we usually recommend for aging skin or sun-damaged skin. It’s probably not appropriate for younger children,” Warren said.

Warren said a good rule of thumb is to stay away from paper masks that cover the entire face and use a product you can easily do a spot test.

“Just test a corner of your skin, like maybe on the jawline, and give it some time, maybe even a few days. Because if you have a delayed reaction, you want to make sure that your whole entire face isn’t going to react,” Warren said.

Anders said she hasn’t received a response from Yes To and wants the product to be recalled.

Channel 13 also reached out to Yes To for comment and received this automatic email response: “Hello! Thanks for reaching out to Yes To. While we would love to connect with each and every person who writes (who knows, we could become besties!), we are unable to do so due to the volume of emails we receive daily. Please be patient as our team evaluates the emails and opportunities that come in. If an opportunity is appropriate and aligns with our current press/marketing plans then we’ll be in touch. Thank you, The Yes To Team”