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DES MOINES, Iowa– About two months after a nationwide baby formula recall, stores around the U.S. and here in Iowa are still seeing a shortage.

Agape Pregnancy Resource Center in Des Moines said they are struggling to help mothers, as they have not had enough formula these last couple of weeks. While all products are sparse, special formulas are especially hard to find.  Staff say they have had to send hopeful mothers elsewhere, and that this issue has a big effect on those with lower income.

“There Is a great shortage at stores and they are actually not able to get even the credits through subsidies like WIC. They are not able to get everything that they are needing. So we have been referring them to, you know, different food banks, different places that would offer formulas which are also short or they are not currently offering that option,” said Leanna Simpson, with Agape Pregnancy Resource Center.