ADAIR COUNTY, Iowa — A Mason City man is being held in the Adair County Jail on a charge of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his daughter multiple times along Interstate 80.

Michael T. Dolezal

Michael T. Dolezal, 50, is being held on a cash-only bond of $300,000. He faces an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance-3rd or subsequent offense.

The Adair County Sheriff’s Office said a 911 call about the incident first came in around 11:58 p.m. Sunday. The line was open but there was no response. A dispatcher later heard a woman screaming “stop” repeatedly. Officials were able to determine through 911 mapping that the call was coming from a location on I-80.

Another 911 call came in at 12:04 a.m. Monday from a passerby who told the dispatcher there appeared to be an altercation of some sort between a male and a female near the inside lane of travel, near the 84-mile marker, east of Casey. The caller also noticed a vehicle in the ditch to the west of the people.

When a deputy and an Adair police officer arrived at the location at 12:06 a.m., they found the vehicle but no one was around. Then they heard yelling from the east.

Law enforcement found Dolezal on the ground, holding the victim and there was blood visible on the ground around them. Dolezal was quickly handcuffed and put in the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

While being treated on the scene for her wounds, the victim told law enforcement Dolezal was her father and he was the one who stabbed her.

The criminal complaint said at the hospital it was determined the victim had been stabbed 14 times on her “wrist, forearm, upper arm, chest, back, and her neck.” The wound to her chest penetrated deep enough to allow air into her chest cavity, causing a tension pneumothorax.

The victim’s current condition is not known.

A preliminary hearing for Dolezal is scheduled for October 5.