DES MOINES, Iowa — The final two weeks of the 2022 legislative session are here and lawmakers are trying to push through multiple bills before the session ends.

Several issues still need to receive a final push from lawmakers if they are to be passed this session. On Monday at the Iowa Statehouse, lawmakers in the House pushed two more bills through. Those bills focused on protecting victims of sex crimes, both of which received bipartisan support.

House File 2239 focuses on health professionals and crimes related to them in assisted reproduction. This bill was passed through the Senate last month, but it already passed through the House back in February.

“The professionals involved in such awful acts need to face punishment and those families involved need and deserve justice, clarity and resolution,” said State Representative Megan Jones (R) from Sioux Rapids.

This bill passed through with no deliberation between both parties again, only support. The House concurred with the Senate to pass the bill through. One State Representative talked about the details several of her constituents shared in their own experiences related to the bill.

“I have a couple of very heartbreaking emails from a couple of people who discovered that their dad was not the person they thought inseminated their mother, but their mother’s obstetrician,” said State Representative Marti Anderson (D) from Des Moines.

That bill will be sent over to the Governor’s desk where it can be signed into law.

The second bill that will be sent over is House File 2160, which is a rape shield expansion for victims of the crime. “Rape shield laws protect a victim of sexual assault from being questioned about past sexual experiences while testifying,” said State Representative Cherielynn Westrich (R) from Ottumwa.

April 19 is the end date for the session, set by the legislature. Education, unemployment and a potential bottle bill are some of the hot topic issues that are left on lawmaker’s agenda.