Iowa Lawmakers Discussing Virtual Learning to Make Up Snow Days

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa lawmakers say this winter proves that something needs to change about the state’s school snow day laws.

It has been a winter to remember for parents and school administrators. Some districts have already had 10 or more snow days this year thanks to round after round of winter storms and polar vortex cold temperatures.

On Monday, a state Senate committee agreed to form a working group to discuss allowing students to make up snow days via virtual learning. The group unanimously agreed to explore the idea more.

One issue that lawmakers say they will have to overcome is the “digital divide” between families with home computers and internet access and those without.

“We have an ongoing problem with the digital divide. Virtual instruction may work for kids who have access to computers but those who don’t would literally today be left out in the cold. I think that’s going to be a very difficult barrier to overcome, but if people can put their heads together and find a way, I’m not going to oppose the study,” said Sen. Herman Quirmbach.

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