DES MOINES, IOWA — On Thursday, in response to President Biden’s announcement of oil releases last week, the Iowa Senate drafted a resolution calling for more relief at the pump.

State Senator Zach Nunn (R) From Altoona announced Senate Resolution 109 alongside members of the energy industry in Iowa. In the resolution it lists protecting America’s strategic fuel reserves, energy transparency and a federal gas tax holiday.

“We are calling on the federal government to look at a 6 month gas tax holiday,” said State Senator Nunn. “That would ensure a decrease in overall fuel at the pump but help working families, commuters and supply chains immediately restart when gas is at a historic high.”

Federal gas taxes sit at 18 cents a gallon, with the state tax in Iowa sitting at 30 cents a gallon. Speaker of the Iowa House Pat Grassley recently said that a state gas tax holiday would be “not popular” due to infrastructure needs in Iowa.

Leaders from the biofuel, propane and solar power industries were at the press conference on Thursday; and they shared their thoughts on the future of renewable fuels.

“Renewable propane is a real tool and it is a great tool for the people of Iowa to lower carbon emissions over time,” said Debra Grooms, the CEO of the Iowa Propane Gas Association.

Nunn ended his remarks on Thursday by saying that he believed the Biden administration was not using the oil reserves properly.

“The current situation as we stated is not an emergency and the SPR (Special Petroleum Reserves) is not a tool to fight inflation,” said Nunn. “And it disrupts a major opportunity for us to replenish the reserve should a security incident occur.”

Nunn highlighted that Iowa can lead the way for the U.S. in renewable fuel. At the same press conference, the President of RFusion, Nick Ashton, announced the company was investing $9 million into a solar and battery power plant in the state.