Iowa Joins Antitrust Investigation into Google’s Business Practices

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DES MOINES, Iowa — After joining an antitrust investigation into Facebook’s business practices last week, Attorney General Tom Miller announced Iowa is helping lead a similar investigation into Google.

Miller is among 50 attorneys general investigating Google’s business practices to determine if the tech giant violated state and federal antitrust laws.

“The broad question we are examining is whether Google has achieved and maintained its dominance through business practices designed to thwart competition. We are concerned about Google’s control of so much of the information and commerce on the internet, and this power has been gained without transparency,” said Miller.

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller

Iowa is one of eight states leading the investigation, along with Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Carolina and Mississippi. Miller said the investigation is in its early stages, so they have not made any conclusions.

“Iowans are right to question what information Google collects and shares about them, how it targets them with advertising, how it chooses what information to prioritize, how it limits its access to new innovations, and how it does so on so many platforms and products,” said Miller.

Miller also announced last Friday he is part of an antitrust investigation into Facebook. Nine attorneys general are investigating whether Facebook has acted to stifle competition, expose consumer data and manipulate advertising rates. All of those would be illegal under American antitrust laws.

Miller previously led an antitrust investigation into Microsoft.

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