Iowa, Iowa State Looking Into Alleged ‘inappropriate actions’ Toward Hawkeye Marching Band During CyHawk Game

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AMES, Iowa – Alleged “inappropriate actions” directed toward the University of Iowa’s marching band during the CyHawk game Saturday are being investigated.

University of Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta said the two athletics departments are looking into the allegations.

In a release Monday, Barta said both administrations are working to gather additional information.

“University of Iowa Athletics has been made aware of inappropriate actions made toward student members and staff of the Hawkeye Marching Band while attending the Iowa State football game Sept. 14. We have contacted Iowa State Athletics administration and are working to gather additional information,” said Barta. “Our main priority is the safety of all Iowa students, staff, and coaches when attending events away from Iowa City.”

Barta would not disclose what exactly happened but says that it was from Iowa State fans.”

Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard commented Tuesday on the issue, saying “The state of Iowa had a national audience on Saturday. The fact that a pretty vague press release has to tarnish some of that is really sad to me.”

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