Iowa Invention Solves Kitchen Problem by Catching Crumbs

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DES MOINES, Iowa –A local company has a solution to a problem everyone with a kitchen likely has.

Even when the kitchen is clean, you’ll likely find a mess under the stove. “It's really one of the dirtiest places in our entire house. It's just an abyss for crumbs, debris, oils and really an unsanitary haven for mice and insects," said Clinton Akerberg, Co-Founder and Creator of The Crumb Catcher.

He invented The Crumb Catcher to catch whatever falls between your stove and counter top. Marketing Director Jackie Bassman said, "With our product, you actually catch all crumbs, oil, and debris that you might not know is falling down there, and you never have to pull out your stove to clean again."

Bassman demonstrated that is easy to install the crumb catcher. You measure how long the gap is, cut it to fit, and insert. “As you can see, once it's installed, it's completely out of sight," she said.

You can remove, rinse, and reinstall when clean-up is needed.

It took about a year of research and development to get the product on the market. Not only was the crumb catcher invented in Des Moines, it's all made in the Midwest.

Co-Founder Kate Lyon said, "We get some of our sleeves made for retail in Ames. Our plastic manufacturer is here in Des Moines. We also get some shipping boxes made in Minnesota."

They hope to have the product in stores by the holidays. For now, you can get it on The Crumb Catcher’s website. "We're super excited to bring this local product to market and curb crumb anxiety one kitchen at a time,” said Akerberg.

The Crumb Catcher costs $14.95 for a set of two. The product is 20% off through Black Friday.

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