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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa House of Representatives held a brief session Tuesday morning before heading into recess to await the governor’s Condition of the State address. But before the recess, lawmakers approved the filing of several bills.

House File 2013, otherwise known as the “Growing Our Workforce Investment Now Act” or the “Go Win Act,” is the potential first attempt by the legislative body to start digging at the workforce shortage problem in the state.

“A tax credit for employers who hire people who are learning or trying to be educated on a job type, and so that will very quickly educate our workforce and give the employer a tax benefit for doing that,” said State Rep. John H. Wills (R) from Spirit Lake, who sponsored the bill.

In the language of the bill, if passed into law, it would allow “growing our workforce tax credit of one thousand dollars shall be allowed” against certain types of taxes businesses face. An employer would be eligible for that tax credit for each apprentice or trainee that is employed for at least seven months out of the year.

“Many times employers don’t want to hire people who aren’t educated because it is just an extra drain on their revenue, extra drain on what they are doing, but if they get a tax credit it will make it a more attractive option for them,” said Wills.

The full bill can be read on the legislature’s website