Iowa House Approves More Aid for Schools that Met In-Person During Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa House approved a measure Thursday that would give additional aid to school districts that followed Gov. Kim Reynolds’ guidelines for holding in-person instruction during the pandemic. 

The House bill would divide $27.2 million amongst school districts in a percentage calculated by the school district’s total number of in-person instruction days. Districts that offered more in-person instruction days this school year would receive a larger sum of money than districts that offered less days in the classroom. The measure was passed 71-26. 

The Senate bill is slightly different, in that it would award extra funds to districts for next school year based on enrollment numbers beginning on July 1, 2021. The only school districts that would not be eligible are ones that failed to comply with in-person instruction requirements and did not receive a state waiver for online learning.

While the legislation does not name the Des Moines Public School District, it would single out the district for its decision to continue 100% online learning, without receiving a waiver from the Iowa Department of Education to do so.


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