DES MOINES, Iowa — Students and their families took over the Statehouse on Monday for Homeschool Iowa at the Capitol day.

“I like that my mom is my teacher and if you are having an emergency you don’t have to go in,” said Justice, a homeschool student in Urbandale. “I don’t have to eat meatloaf from the school cafeteria.”

The event is hosted by Homeschool Iowa. The organization estimated that there were around 900 people at the Statehouse to tour the building, meet with legislators and listen to remarks from homeschool graduate, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird.

“As I think about my education I am so thankful to my parents for making the choice to homeschool and I want to thank the parents here as well, because you make sacrifices,” said Bird, (R).

Bird mentioned that with the increase of parents shifting to homeschooling in the state, those homeschooling their children now need to set an example.

The executive director of Homeschool Iowa agreed that there was an increase in parents wanting to go down that route in just the last several years.

“There has certainly been a large growth trajectory that really started before the pandemic,” said Aaron Neely, “But after the pandemic, parents who had sort of accepted the normal education path for their children began to reevaluate that.”

The event lasted from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with the Attorney General speaking at the noon hour.