DES MOINES, Iowa — People from across Iowa coming to Des Moines Friday night to celebrate the Hawkeye State. The Celebrate Iowa Gala returns. It’s at the Scottish Rite Consistory this year as the State Historical Building remains under construction.

The gala celebrates Iowa history and culture, as well as its people.

Tickets are still available at the door. The VIP event begins at 6 p.m. The main gala runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets to the VIP event and gala are $250. Tickets to only the gala are $125 for people over 40. Tickets cost $100 for young professionals under 40 years old.

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Director Chris Kramer said the event will have three bands from Iowa and other Iowa-related entertainment.

She said it’s also a great place for Iowa leaders and ordinary citizens to come together. The most important part, however, is the gala is a celebration of all things Iowa.

“It’s just a reminder that Iowa is very culturally vibrant and we have a lot of really cool things to do, while we’re also celebrating our past,” Kramer said “A lot of the foods come from restaurants that are located in cultural entertainment districts all across the state, and we’re really proud to feature some of the best of Iowa at this event.”

Kramer said proceeds from the gala will support the State Historical Museum of Iowa as well as educational programs the Department of Cultural Affairs runs.

WHO 13’s Ed Wilson will emcee the gala.