DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services reported on Friday that a probable case of Monkeypox has been detected in the state.

The HHS said the patient was likely infected during international travel and is isolating while receiving care. HHS staff and local public health staff are conducting contact tracing to identify anyone who might be at high risk.

People who have had close or direct contact should monitor themselves for symptoms and consider receiving the vaccine, HHS said.

Monkeypox doesn’t spread easily between people who haven’t been in close contact. The Center for Disease Control defines close contact as direct contact with the infectious rash, scabs, or bodily fluids and respiratory secretions during long face-to-face contact or intimate physical contact.

The HHS staff said that the risk to the general public is low, but anyone with a rash that resembles Monkeypox should see their healthcare provider.

According to the CDC, over 5,700 cases have been reported world-wide. The U.S. has reported around 460 cases across 32 states. For more information about the virus you can visit the CDC’s webpage.