DES MOINES, Iowa — Every year Iowa Republicans host the Lincoln Dinner and this year’s focus was to celebrate the state keeping our first in the nation status for the Iowa Caucus.

After the developments from the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, the discussion centered around alleged abuses by the Department of Justice and what Republicans call an obsession with the former president.

“Whether a person likes Donald Trump, is luke-warm about Donald Trump or, I’d even go as far as saying a Democrat who doesn’t like Donald Trump, (they) should be worried and should be concerned about what went on,” Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann said. “To bring in 30 FBI agents armed to make sure everything was essentially turned in to the Department of Archives, by any standard, that’s problematic.”

Kaufmann said the developments over former President Trump’s legal battle has energized the party in Iowa and is exactly what Republicans needed heading into the November midterms.

Headlining the event was RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Also speaking were members of Iowa’s congressional delegation and Governor Kim Reynolds.

The DNC released the following statement over McDainel’s speech at the dinner:

“Republicans like Ronna McDaniel are pushing an ultra-MAGA agenda that’s not only extreme, but also wildly dangerous. They’re doubling down on their efforts to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest and throw doctors in jail, while calling to gut Social Security and Medicare. Iowans simply cannot afford Republican control this November.”