DES MOINES, IOWA — Tuesday was the first full day of Spring in Iowa and local golfers were more than ready to tee off. Golfers came from all over.

“We’re only have done I haven’t totaled it up yet, so I had some good ones the bad ones, ” said Spencer Nady, from Nevada. “I figured it was the first day of spring, time to get out and hit the ball around.”

All were pretty sick of all the snowstorms.

We had good year last year, in our men’s league, so we’d like to pick up or we left off, and just enjoy the weather today,” said Joe Seiffert, of Ankeny, he was asked about all the snow storms we’ve had. ‘I try to avoid them as much as possible, I’m kind of sick of using my snow blower.”

Manager of the Waveland Golf Course know that opening the greens to golfers, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of winter. They’ve had to open to sledders again, when the course turned back white with a big snow fall.

  “Good I’m actually shooting on the better rounds, so I’m starting year off strong I should probably quit now,” said Stephen West, of Waukee.

One golfer did got up early to get work done before golf.

“I started my day this morning at 3:15 so I got in full shift,” said Eric Howser, of Waukee. “I decided to play hooky for the rest the day come in and shoot a round the golf with my buddy,  beats doing anything else right now.”