IOWA — Dry, warm, Spring-like weather finally arrived in Iowa last week and farmers took advantage to catch up on their delayed planting season. They closed the gap on their expected progress at this point, but still remain behind schedule – according to the latest USDA crop report.

Iowa farmers were given 5.4 days suitable for fieldwork last week and used that to nearly double the acreages planted. Here’s where farmers stand in terms of the corn and soybean season right now, according to the USDA:


  • 86% of expected corn acreage planted
  • Up from 57% planted last week
  • 13 days behind last year
  • 47% of corn emerged


  • 69% of expected soybean acreage planted
  • Up from 34% last week
  • 12 days behind last year
  • 18% emerged

This week’s weather is starting off cooler than normal, which could stall the germination of seed in the soil. Warmer temperatures and more rain are expected later in the week.