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WAUKEE, Iowa- Iowa’s job market is projected to grow by 612,000 by 2025, according to a new study released this week.

The Branstad-Reynolds administration in conjunction with the Georgetown University Center on Education and Iowa Workforce Development found that of those new jobs 68 percent will require education beyond a high school diploma. Branstad said he has set a goal of 70 percent of the workforce with coursework beyond high school years.

“We need to make sure that thru our basic education, we’re preparing people for the jobs of the future.. that means life-long learning,” said Branstad.

The study ranks Iowa 18th in the category of percentage of jobs requiring post-secondary education for the new jobs. The effort also focused on making students aware of job options in the future, before they complete high school.

“Not everybody’s gonna use some of the things that are taught in the schools system,” said college student Katie Gilbert. ” I think we need to focus more on things people will use day to day.”

The study said that some of the job creation will be due to retirement.

This week the Governor is holding a series of round table discussions regarding closing the skill gap for jobs in the coming years.