IOWA — Overall the drought has not changed much over the past 7 days, but despite several days of rain, Northwest Iowa continues to see drought conditions expand.

Last week’s drought vs this week

Last week’s drought vs this week

Last week 54.4% of the state was considered drought-free while 45.6% of Iowa experienced some level of dryness. This week 56.2% is drought free, which means a 1.8% improvement in the total drought.

However, the severe drought did expand a little in NW Iowa going from 2.3 to 2.7% in the past week. That expansion happened over Plymouth county, Iowa.

Rain over the past week

Because the drought monitor is reassessed every Tuesday, we’ll take a look at 7-day rain totals starting on April 26.

You’ll notice many of the drought-free areas once again saw the highest amounts of rain with Lamoni picking up nearly three inches. Meanwhile, in northern and northwest Iowa rain totals were an inch or less.

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