Iowa drought drying up recreational opportunities and business, too


IOWA — The 2021 drought has Iowa farmers worrying about wilting crops, front lawns browning to a crisp and recreational opportunities and business ventures drying up as well.

Seven Oaks near Boone is best known for its winter ski slopes, but in the summer they run a tubing/floating business on the Des Moines River. They are still in business right now, despite the drought, but they are making accommodations.

“We’re having to pay a lot more attention to river levels that we typically do just to make the customer still gets what they are looking for,” says General Manager Joel Bryan.

That is typically a two to four hour float on the river. Bryan says the river is still one to two feet deep along the entire route they offer. However, they say if more rain doesn’t come to northern Iowa in the next few weeks, floating traffic could be beached on the river.

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