Iowa drought conditions improve only slightly despite a week of rain


USDA Drought Monitor Map July 1st 2021

IOWA — The latest snapshot of drought conditions in Iowa shows much of the state is still too dry, despite some localized heavy rainfall over the last week.

According to the weekly report from the USDA, 85% of the state is still in some level of drought. That is down only slightly from last week when 92% of the state was in drought.

35% of the state is still considered to be in ‘Severe Drought’. That is down from 43% the previous week.

Southeastern Iowa saw the most drought relief – but that relief didn’t come easily. The region was pounded by near historic rainfall for much of the week, leading to flash-flooding and roads being washed out.

This graphic shows the heavy rain falls over the last few days across Iowa. You can see the concentration of heavy rain in the blue and purple areas of in the SE corner.

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