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ANKENY, Iowa- The Iowa DOT has opened a new Traffic Management Center in Ankeny to track traffic conditions and accidents statewide.

A smaller traffic center was located in the basement of DOT Headquarters in Ames.

The new facility is located in the building with the DOT Driver’s License station on Corporate Woods Drive in Ankeny.  The new center can show 48 cameras at once, from all over the state.  The DOT has a total of 320 traffic cameras around the state.

The new center workers help direct  Highway Helper trucks to assist motorists who have run out of gas or have some type of trouble.

The Center can also help direct law enforcement to where help is needed.

The new center was installed at a cost of $257,000.

In addition the DOT website has a new feature which allows citizens to track what battling winter snows is costing.  The Winter Cost Calculator is live on the DOT website now, though there are still some refinements to be made to the numbers it will display.