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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Transportation director is looking to make an update to driver’s licenses in the state – he wants to make them digital.

Paul Trombino says, “Essentially what you have here is a digitally encoded driver’s license that would be on your phone.”

You’d download an application on your smart phone and the digital driver’s license could then replace your traditional license. Although, Trombino said Iowans would have the option of keeping the traditional paper license, using the digital version or using both.

A special feature on the digital license shows what looks like the driver’s face rotating from side to side, always moving. Trombino said that allows for better security.

“It shows you it is real. It gives you a real perspective. There’s a lot of ways for us to offer security features which I’m not going to prescribe today so that, we know it’s the person,” says Trombino.

Trombino says he’ll test out the digital licenses with his staff first before offering the public the choice to use them sometime next year.

He couldn’t say what the startup cost for the state would be. But he thinks, eventually, it could save the state money as he expects it to be cheaper to maintain.