Iowa DNR warns drivers of deer breeding season, urges safety on roads


DES MOINES, Iowa – It’s that time of year again when you can expect to see a lot of deer while out driving.

The Iowa DNR says these next two weeks are critical in staying vigilant on the road, as breeding season for deer happens from Nov. 1 to the 15.

Iowans like Mike Kromrie know deer are always on the move. He says he’s lucky to be alive after a deer ran into him while he was driving his motorcycle back in August. 

“I was able to keep the bike up and keep riding,” Kromrie recalls, “It could’ve been a lot worse.”

He broke some bones and had to go to the hospital, and now faces thousands of dollars in damages. 

He’s not alone either. Other viewers sent in pictures of what’s left of their vehicles after hitting a deer. While inconvenient, it turns out they did everything right as officials say drivers should not veer for deer.

“Yes, it’s traumatic to hit an animal, but it’s much more safe for the driver to maintain control and stay in their lane,” Jim Coffey, a forest wildlife research biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said.

To stay safe, the Iowa DNR advises drivers to slow down, remain focused and be alert.

“Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t always be cautious, it’s just the next two weeks are the most critical,” Coffey said. 

While sunrise and sunset are typically peak times of the day for deer, Coffey advises people to be aware at all times of the day.

The Iowa DNR says deer should return to more normal behavior during the third week of November.

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