Iowa DNR Stressing Safety Measures After Snowmobiler Found Dead

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HENRY COUNTY, Iowa — Snowmobilers are being urged to ride with a buddy after the body of a snowmobiler was recovered from a river in southeast Iowa Monday.

Twenty-five-year-old Spencer Adam was found around 10:00 a.m. on the shore of the Skunk River, east of Mount Pleasant.

Family members reported him missing in the early morning hours of Monday, which prompted a search.

Adam’s snowmobile was found wrecked about a mile upstream from where his body was found.

Investigators think he was riding alone at the time and urge people not to do the same because of the dangers.

“At least try to maybe ride with somebody else so that way, if you do happen to go off a trail or hit an unknown culvert or something like that, that you at least have a second set of eyes with you,” said Iowa DNR Law Enforcement Officer Dan Henderson.

The DNR is looking into the accident to try to find out what caused Adam’s death. They say melting snow is causing the Skunk River and others around Iowa to be higher than normal for this time of year.


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