Iowa DNR Launches ‘Let’s Go Hunting’ Campaign


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ELKHART, Iowa -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources launched the “Let’s Go Hunting” Campaign to encourage experienced hunters to not only pass down their traditions to their children, but also other adults and friends who are new to the hobby.

“Hunting is a very social activity here in Iowa. It’s is something that people truly love to do together,” Wildlife Communications Specialist Mick Klemesrud said.

DNR Conservation Officer Aron Arthur said November is many hunters’ favorite time.

“Right now a lot of your seasons are open, a lot of your small game, which is rabbits, squirrels and pheasant season just opened. Dove season is still going on. The waterfowl season and all the zones should be open right now for geese and ducks. Right now we have bow season for deer,” Arthur said.

If you are new to the hobby and know how to shoot, you can try it out with an Apprentice License.

“It’s something that started last year. It’s a license to get people out that haven’t really been hunting, to get them out with people that are experienced in hunting. It allows them to get the license without having to take hunter’s safety. So they can try it out, see if they like it and then go back and take the hunter’s safety course,” Arthur said.

“There’s a new opportunity this season, during our shotgun deer seasons, to allow a new rifle its a straight wall cartridge rifle,” Arthur said.

Klemesrud added, that no matter what season it is you always want to have a hunting plan.

“You always want to have a hunting plan so that you know where everyone is at all times and the role they are going to serve in that hunt. So you’ll want to script the plan and make sure you have everything figured out before you head out and if you want to take some hunter’s safety we have all that information on our website at,” Klemesrud said.

Arthur said blaze orange is always very important for visibility and knowing where other hunters are located who are outside of your group.


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