Iowa DNR Asking Fishermen to Share Pics of Mudpuppy Catches


DES MOINES, IOWA — The Iowa DNR is asking fishermen in the state to help them learn more about a rare species in Iowa waters – the mudpuppy.

Mudpuppies are a type of salamander. They are rarely seen in Iowa and are designated as a ‘threatened species’. The DNR says mudpuppies are difficult to catch with the traps and nets they rely on, but they are sometimes hooked while walleye or catfishing.

The DNR is asking anyone who’s hooked a mudpuppy to take a few photos then release it back into the wild – then share the pictures and info with them. You can call the DNR at 515-298-3071 with a report or email

The DNR has more information about mudpuppies in Iowa available online.


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