DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s 3rd District Congresswoman Cindy Axne and challenger State Senator Zach Nunn were out discussing issues on Wednesday.

Congresswoman Axne was at a roundtable discussion at Planned Parenthood in downtown Des Moines. The event was not an official campaign event, it was a planned discussion with local leaders from the state legislature and different organizations that want to protect women’s reproductive rights.

At the event she discussed her vote in the U.S. House last week to secure abortion rights at the federal level. Even though there is not enough support in the Senate for the bill to pass; Axne told reporters after the roundtable that Roe v. Wade needs to be codified.

“Now we do need a strategy to address this issue and yes we are working actively on how we can get this done,” said Axne, (D) from West Des Moines. “I think that the best way is to get rid of the filibuster so that this can be codified. I think that it is the fastest and probably the only way we are going to get it done at a federal level.”

The Congresswoman also addressed abortion rights in the state, as Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has asked the Iowa Supreme Court to take up a couple of cases on the fetal heartbeat bill and a 24-hour waiting period. She told reporters her opinion on the changes Reynolds is pursuing.

“Governor Reynolds the minute this went down she has been busy. She has been ready to just roll everything back,” said Axne. “I have never supported her policies or the Republican legislature when it comes to women’s reproductive freedom, and I still don’t support those policies. I don’t support the six weeks I don’t support having to wait, this is not her choice. This is a women’s health issue.”

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, the challenger for the Congresswoman’s seat held a campaign event in West Des Moines focused on veteran-related issues. Republican U.S. Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, was at the event to throw his support behind Nunn. He attacked Axne for voting the abortion rights bill through at a federal level last week.

“She voted for the radical pro-abortion bill that would use your tax dollars to fund an abortion up to the moment of birth,” said Senator Cotton, (R) in his stump speech. “That would take away the rights for parents to be notified if their teenage daughter gets an abortion. Kids cant even get a title loan without their parents being notified, but Cindy Axne voted for that radical legislation.”

During Nunn’s speech, he hit on the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and high prices due to inflation.

“We have the opportunity to fundamentally change where we are headed as a nation. If you are one of those families who is suffering because of an increase in inflation. If you are one of those retirees whose savings evaporated because of the downturn in the market, if you are one of those young entrepreneurs who just wants to buy their first home or start a business, that recognizes the rate of inflation and mortgages are far beyond what you will be able to afford,” said State Senator Zach Nunn, (R) from Altoona. “Let’s start the change today.”

Both candidates hope that these key issues will drive out voters in the upcoming November election.