DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Statehouse on Thursday saw no action on either chamber floor, pushing different votes to, at the earliest, next week.

With the legislative session set to enter week two of an extended session, Democratic leaders in both chambers are calling for a final decision from Republican leadership on private school scholarships.

“If I am not mistaken and the count changes the number of ‘no’s’ has gone up since the Governor has started her full court press to try to bully House Republicans in voting for vouchers,” said State Representative Jennifer Konfrst, (D) from Windsor Heights. “It is not working, at some point we just need to decide it is not happening this year and we just need to move on.”

Senate File 2369 would create 10,000 scholarships a year for families that plan on switching from public to private education. To be eligible the student’s family must be under four times the amount of the national poverty line, or be in an independent education program. According to the Legislative Services Agency the program is estimated to cost $55 million dollars a year out of the general revenue fund.

The Student First Scholarship program passed through the Senate last month but has yet to be seen on the House floor. Senate Democratic leadership says that there is some collaboration going on between Democrats and rural Republicans in opposing the Governor’s bill.

“It is also Republicans in our rural communities who recognize that the Governor’s vouchers plan is essentially the Iowa school closure act that will decimate public education in our rural school districts,” said State Senator Zach Wahls (D) from Coralville. “And so they are standing, at this point, strong and are working with Democrats to do that.”

State Representative Konfrst added that no Democrat will vote for this bill in the House, if it ever makes it to the floor.