Iowa Democrats call Governor Reynolds’ border trip a ‘political stunt’ and ‘audition’ for higher office


IOWA — Governor Kim Reynolds is spending Wednesday on the US border with Mexico taking part in a tour along with nine other Republican governors. Reynolds says the trip is a chance for her to call attention to the Biden administration’s immigration policies that she blames for a surge in migrants at the border.

Iowa Democrats say the trip, which is being paid for by the Republican Governors’ Association, is a ‘political stunt’ or an ‘audition’ for higher office. Leaders in the Iowa Democratic Party released these statements after the Governor’s brief appearance at a news conference in Texas on Wednesday.

“Let’s call Governor Reynolds’ trip to the border what it is: nothing more than a political stunt and a distraction from her failed leadership. Governor Reynolds had the opportunity to offer humanitarian help and honor Iowa’s proud tradition of welcoming those seeking a better life, but she chose to say it was ‘not our problem.’ 

“Republicans have spent years systematically dismantling our immigration system, and President Biden is working to fix the damage they left behind. While Governor Reynolds plays political games, Democrats at every level will continue to fight for a better life for every working family in Iowa.”

Ross Wilburn, Iowa Democratic Party Chair

“Governor Reynolds and Iowa Republicans continue to use fear to divide us from each other when they know, just like we do, that people who were born here are far more likely to commit crimes than people who immigrate here. This rhetoric is hurtful, dangerous and normalizes hateful attacks against Iowa’s Latinx community. 

We’re calling on the Governor to honor Iowa’s proud history of being a state that welcomes those seeking a home. No matter who you are, what you look like, or how you got here, we’re all Iowans at the end of the day and we should embrace a roadmap to citizenship for our friends and neighbors.”

Araceli Goode & Patricia Ritchie, IDP Latinx Caucus

Before the Governor traveled to Texas, State Auditor Rob Sand – a Democrat – insinuated on social media that Governor Reynolds was “auditioning for Vice President again” with her Texas trip.

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