DES MOINES, Iowa — On Saturday morning the leader of the Iowa Democrats announced that he would not be seeking re-election.

Iowa Democrats are coming off a rough midterm election in the state and losing their first in the nation status for caucusing.

“After much reflection, I’ve decided that I will not be seeking another term as Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. My service to the people of Iowa Continues, but it is time to pass the torch.”

Party Chair Ross Wilburn, who has held the position for almost two years, informed the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee during a meeting Saturday.

Wilburn took over for Chair Mark Smith in January of 2021, becoming the first Black Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Leadership elections are held every two years right after an election cycle. So come the new year the party will have new leadership at a time where Democrats in the state need a new sense of direction.

“My work will continue next month at the state legislature, where I will join my colleagues on the front lines battling against the most extreme legislation that could drastically change our state and harm Iowans,” Wilburn said.