AMES, Iowa — The Iowa Cyber Hub is looking for people to become Cybersecurity Ambassadors who can go out to different communities to educate about the importance of cybersecurity.

Doug Jacobson, the Executive Director of the Iowa Cyber Hub and an Iowa State University Professor, said that the goal of the Cybersecurity Ambassadors program is to educate the public.

“The goal here is to really get a large cadre of people to go out into their communities and talk about cyber security,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson hopes to send out the first Cybersecurity Ambassadors early next year.

“This idea is about two months old is all, so we’ve kind of gone from idea to kick-off pretty quickly. We’re now trying to get all the materials put together trying to identify groups that want to set up the initial chapters, both high schools and community colleges. And so we’re hoping to kick off first of the year with having the first of our ambassadors start to go out into the community,” Jacobsen said.

To learn more about the Cybersecurity Ambassadors program or to sign up to become an ambassador visit Iowa Cyber Hub’s website.