DES MOINES, Iowa – A big change is coming to the Iowa State Fairgrounds that will make beer lovers very happy. The Iowa Craft Beer Tent is getting pavement. 

Crews have already started pouring the concrete. On Wednesday, high school students will help pour more while they learn about skilled trades as part of the “Build My Future” event at the fairgrounds.

Steve Linn, the managing partner of the Iowa Craft Beer Tent, says the improvement has been a long time coming and is getting great feedback so far.

“We’ve always had mulch, dirt, rocks, grass throughout our 13-year history,” Linn said. “Anybody who was here last year that was here for the muddy, rainy day knows exactly why what’s going on behind us is going on. It was time for concrete and try to get on a level base and keep it clean.”

The beer will begin flowing on August 10 when the Iowa State Fair kicks off. It runs through August 20.