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FORT DODGE, Iowa — The Iowa Central Community College choir is getting a lot of buzz over a concert given in October, even though there was no audience.

Director Will Lopes had the idea to have students perform on video at a local location, so he took to Facebook to see if someone would let them use a grain bin.

“One Iowa Central alum, Brad Black, who just built a brand new grain bin, said we could use it,” said Lopes.

The college provided a bus and loaded the choir for a ride to Black’s new grain bin.

The group performed the piece “Hear My Prayer” by Moses Hogan.

“We tried to feature the natural reverb of the place, and then we picked a piece that was very solemn [and] had kind of natural breaks with that just trying to experience the space,” said Lopes.

“I was kind of nervous about it because I didn’t really know how big [the bin] would be. I thought they were very, very small. I didn’t think our whole choir would fit in it,” said Brooklyn Border, a choir member.

“Honestly, I’ve already done it. We did [this] in high school too. We didn’t record it, [but] we just we went to a grain bin and sang,” said Mitchell Smith, a choir member.

After the success of the grain bin performance, the group is looking for another Iowa location to record at next year.

If you would like to see the entire video, check the Iowa Central Facebook page, and scroll down to find the original post on their Facebook.