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IOWA  —  Surrounding states have rallied to help Iowa in times of damaging tornadoes and flooding, and now Iowa is trying to return the favor.

Over the past month, wildfires have charred thousands of acres in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The fires have also devastated cattle ranchers, k lling thousands of animals and destroying pasture land.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is already sending hay to help ranchers and is working to collect even more supplies.

“Fencing supplies are really important, cover crops to get that forage back so when the growing season comes back they get a little rain, possibly can put the cows back in the pasture and that kind of thing. But things that you wouldn’t think about, like milk replacements for the orphan calves, or just relief for the families that have been stricken, pretty nasty blow by these Mother Nature wildfires,” said Iowa Cattlemen’s Association CEO Matte Deppe.

The Cattlemen’s Association is holding an online auction on April 7th to raise money for fire victims. Head to to take part.