Iowa Businesses are Opening But Not All Employees are Returning to Work

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Even though more businesses are opening up, unemployment remains at an all-time high. One salon owner is allowing employees to come back to work only if they feel safe enough.

“Only if you feel safe and you feel like this is time for you to come back, please come back. Otherwise, come back when you feel that way,” Serenity Couture owner Jana Van Polen said.

Of course, there are new safety protocols at all the Serenity Couture salons including temperature checks at the door, required masks for hair stylists and customers, and social distancing.

There are also less people working each day as they are rotating their employees in teams that only work together on specific days.

More than 50 percent of the employees did end up coming back to work because they make more money while on the job.

“The beauty of our industry is the more you work the more you get paid; we get paid on commission, so I wanted to get back and earn my money and earn my income,” Serenity Couture hairstylist Libby Heinz said.

Others miss the income and their clients but still wanted to wait a little longer before returning to work.

“I was just scared. I’m such a worrier and there’s people in my life that are high risk, so I didn’t want to put them at more of a risk, not that I’ve been around that many people. I just wanted to wait a little while longer to feel a little more secure,” Serenity Couture hairstylist and cosmetologist Pilar Mireles said.

You can learn more about the unemployment insurance benefits for employers on the Iowa Workforce Development website.


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