DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Board of Medicine held a public hearing on proposed new rules for the so-called fetal heartbeat law signed for a second time by Governor Kim Reynolds, and put on hold in the courts for now. The law requires that rules be approved by the Iowa Board of Medicine.

At the law states there can be no abortion if there is a fetal heartbeat detected. The law does specify the equipment used to detect the heartbeat.

“It does require particular equipment be used in this case, a transducer of appropriate frequency that has been properly maintained, and in proper functioning order,” said Leif Olson, of the Iowa Attorney Generals Office. “The area to be scanned is to include at least the full region of the woman’s body.”

There were many people on Zoom to monitor the meeting and to speak. Some came in-person to express their views.

“Terminologies such as ‘heartbeat law’, as opposed to six week ban, an unborn child as opposed to fetus or embryo,” said Dr. Deborrah Turner, of the League of Women Voters. “True disclosure, I’m saddened, appalled, and disheartened that we are at a juncture for a set of rules that must be made for such an egregious law, currently that’s where we are.”

“Hard to imagine, sitting in your seats this morning in the difficulty of all of this,” said Bob Mann of Ankeny. “I want you to know that there are other believers that are praying for you.”

“At the end of the day we are opposed to rules. We think that they are poorly written, our understanding from the Attorney General’s office. They are written with the political agenda in mind.”

The Board voted to pass a notice of intention, so the rules could be reviewed and commented on by the public. The Board will meet again to approve the rules at their January Board Meeting.