DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s not a guarantee and no one can say yet exactly how much Iowa producers can benefit from it. But Tuesday at the Iowa Statehouse, state agricultural leaders and a delegation from Taiwan signed a “letter of intent” that could offer more certainty for the next two years.

Leaders say the deal for Taiwan to buy U.S.-produced goods, mostly soybeans and corn, could be worth $2.6 billion. Iowa producers hope to get a significant portion of that.

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig celebrated the “longstanding friendship” of the two countries that led to the possible deal, which continues a business relationship between the two.

Taiwan is the 12th largest trade partner with Iowa, according to the Department of Agriculture. But when it comes to beans and corn, Iowa is the second largest exporter of any state to Taiwan.

Iowa exports to Taiwan vary from year to year. That is the result of various factors, including market conditions and competition from other countries like Brazil and Argentina.

Top export markets for U.S. corn, according to the USDA.

Top export markets for U.S. soybeans, according to the USDA.