Investigation Launched After Massive Fight at Iowa College Caught on Video

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — It was an all out brawl between students and non-students September 22nd that not even security at Iowa Western Community College was ready for.  Jason Ragone, a student at Iowa Western said, “I thought it was crazy just because I thought security would do better than what they did and let it carry out into all that.”

Iowa Western Vice President of Public Relations Don Koehler said students normally have to be buzzed in at night but there was confusion. “Apparently that evening there was quite the large crowd so there were students trying to get into their rooms and the door was open and some people spilled into the lobby and weren’t supposed to be there.”

Cell phone video has helped the school identify some of the people involved.  Kohler said, “We had six students we could identify that were involved in this fight and they’ve been sanctioned.”  Two of the six are athletes but their sports have not been identified at this time.  Kohler said, “Hopefully they understand the severity of this and that we don’t need activity like this in our housing.”

Campus residents were on lockdown for two days limiting them from gathering in large groups.  Alexus Larkin, a student said, “We just couldn’t congregate in the common areas.”

Security changes were quickly made.  “We’ve beefed up the security. We had 24/7 but we beefed up security in all residence halls,” said Kohler.  While no large-scale fights have happened since, students hope it can stay that way so they can focus on their future.  Ragone said, “It’s not the first time there’s been a fight and I came here to learn and I’m just hearing about fights, it’s ridiculous.”

Council Bluffs police are still investigating the fight.  No charges have been filed at this point.  Iowa Western hopes to have no trespassing orders given to any non-students involved.

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