International Women’s Day Brings the Global Celebration to Small-Town Iowa

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PERRY, Iowa — International Women’s Day may have been Friday, but the celebration continued Saturday in Perry, Iowa.

The International Women’s Day Coffee Celebration began three years ago when Carol Cavanaugh returned to Perry after living in Kazakhstan for eight years. She saw how different countries recognized International Women’s Day as an official holiday.

“Women get the day off. If they don’t get the day off, they are definitely recognized, so it is kind of a big deal in a lot of countries,” Cavanaugh said.

Kanysai Abdieva is an international exchange student from Kyrgyzstan. She said there is much more of a celebration on International Women’s Day.

“We don’t go to school, nobody works, and everyone celebrates this day. We greet our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters with flowers and with gifts,” Abdieva said.

Cavanaugh hopes the community recognizes this holiday as more than just a post on social media.

“Women’s day is a celebration, not necessarily a political platform but a celebration, celebrating women’s contributions to society. Their social, economic, political, cultural [contributions],” Cavanaugh said.

The public is invited to come back to La Poste in Perry Saturday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for “Women Rock La Poste” — a concert featuring several local female musicians.


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