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DES MOINES, Iowa- In just a couple of weeks the Des Moines Metro Opera will be celebrating its 50th season.

Des Moines Metro Opera is partnering with the civics center and the Des Moines Symphony to host a special interactive production of the classic opera Mozart’s Magic Flute.

“This particular opera played in a variety of different types of settings, obviously on stage in the movies, even the animated versions through the years, but this is a, an updated version, if you will, for the 21st century,” said General & Artistic Director for DMMO, Michael Egel.

The production includes hand-drawn animations and projections that allow the production to move with the cast and audience. And components help create the illusion that characters are coming alive right before your eyes.. 

Originally from Berlin, this production has been seen world-wide with Des Moines being the 8th U.S. city to host it. 

With much of the community involved with this production, directors say that performances like these pave the way for more interactive art events in the future. 

“We’re fortunate to live in a city that is growing and vibrant and understands the role that a strong arts and culture community plays in that development and because of that, our organizations are able to attract productions from major venues in major cities to come to the mind it makes an attractive marketplace for these types of performances,” said Egel. 

The performances will be on March 5th and 6th and tickets are currently on sale starting at $25