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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A couple of insurance agents turned into heroes on Wednesday when they rescued a woman who was trapped inside her vehicle and had just gotten into a rollover accident in a cornfield. It wasn’t a typical day at the office for these two, as life handed the insurance agents an opportunity to save a life, and they stepped up to the plate and met the challenge.

“No, I can`t say insurance agents really are well trained in the life saving aspect,” said Cheyene Robertson. But that’s exactly what Robertson and Nick Greb were called upon to do Wednesday afternoon on a gravel road northwest of Fort Dodge.

“I sell insurance for Bankers Life. We meet with seniors all over the state of Iowa, and unfortunately those meetings don`t always work out or people can`t meet and by the grace of God we just happened to come back right through there and were able to help,” said Greb.

Greb was training Robertson (a new agent), on Wednesday. The two work out of an office in West Des Moines, but they happened to be in the right place at the right time, in Badger; nearly some two hours away. The two agents were in place to help someone who was trapped in a vehicle, Chyanne Porter of Fort Dodge.

We just happened to come across an overturned car and we both thought to ourselves, that wasn`t there previously,” said Robertson.

“I ran out there, shouting is anyone in the vehicle? Are you okay? I heard a woman inside faintly scream,” said Greb.

The two insurance agents worked as a team to save Porter, who was stuck.

“I was on the phone kind of making sure emergency services were getting onto the scene as quick as possible, while Nick was making sure there was nobody outside of the vehicle that needed tending to, and and then getting to the vehicle and making sure he could get her out as quickly as possible,” said Robertson.

Through an opening in the crushed driver’s side window, Greb was able to hand porter a knife.

“I always carry a pocket knife on me…and handed her my knife,” said Greb. “She was able to cut herself free.”

But she wasn’t able to get out. So, Greb went around to the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

“I couldn`t open the doors, so at that point I got my knife back from her and used it to break open the passenger side window, so she was able to crawl out and get to safety,” said Greb.

Chyanne Porter was taken to a hospital in Des Moines. Her mother says her daughter’s banged up and bruised and has a C5 fracture. Porter’s been placed in a halo, but is doing better. Her mom says the family is grateful for what the two insurance agents did.