Instagram-Famous Three-Legged Corgi From Ames in Contest to Have Plush Replica Made

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AMES, Iowa — A local puppy may be coming to a store near you in plush form.

Charles Avocado VanGough, a three-legged corgi from Ames, is in the running to have a plush, palm-sized toy made to look just like him. And it’s all for a great cause.

“He is my number one best boy,” said Chelsea Harbach, Charles Avocado’s mom.

He is energetic, loving, and a big fan of treats.

Charles Avocado is just like your typical dog, except he has three legs and has over 74,000 followers on Instagram.

“Really it was just a place for me to share photos of Charles for people who also loved Charles, and I never imagined that he would have thousands and thousands of followers,” said Harbach.

Diagnosed with liver failure in 2016 and then having to get his right-front leg amputated almost a year ago because of an infection, people from across Iowa and the world fell in love with the photogenic tri-pawed pup.

“I would be absolutely devastated without him,” said Harbach.

Now, he may have a toy made to look just like him.

“I think it would be really neat to be the first plushie that is a three-legged dog and is a corgi with short little legs. I think it would be really cute,” said Harbach.

The 3-year-old company, Pibborafi, known for making plush toy dogs to help rescue and shelter animals, is holding a contest on Instagram to see who their next rescue hero dog should be. One of the front runners is Charles Avocado.

“Charles isn’t a conventional rescue dog because we actually got him from a breeder, but in my heart he’s a rescue,” said Harbach.

Charles Avocado’s claim to fame started by winning a YouTube series called “The Barkchelor,” put on by one of the members of a comedy group called “The Try Guys.”

You can vote for him in this new contest by following Pibborafi’s Instagram and then liking the photo of Charles. Voting ends on July 15.


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